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Account-Based Data Arrow right

You’ve built your target list with sales and leadership has signed off. It’s about time to press go on the campaigns, but you’re missing all of the data to make your outreach personal. Don’t default to the batch and blast mentality that worked a decade ago. Learn from brands who are deep in the weeds on how to tailor your campaign to get the response you want.

Account-Based Marketing Arrow right

ABM is more than just a trend. It’s a mindset. Find the brands and creators who are building out modern strategies and sharing new ways to align with your sales team. Bring some fresh ideas to your next account planning meeting.

Attribution Arrow right

It’s easy to tell on the surface if your last marketing experiment worked or not, but are you really able to understand the data past the surface level? Marketing attribution helps brands understand what’s working, what’s not, and where to invest. Gain access to the most trusted brands in attribution and start understanding exactly why your last deal closed.

Buyer Intent Data Providers Arrow right

Your future customers are reading your latest blog post, checking out your brand’s Twitter game, and researching how your product can make their life easier. Wouldn’t you like to know about this engagement? Access to these interactions allows brands to understand the probability that someone is going to purchase your product. Find the brands who share strategies on how intent data can help your go-to-market team be more effective.

Collaboration & Productivity Arrow right

Great collaboration is one of the most important ingredients for successful marketing and sales teams. It’s the mindfulness that you put on communication, organization, and how you work together. You want to win more. Who doesn’t? Start learning from some of the brightest minds in collaboration and productivity.

Commerce Arrow right

You’ve got an online store and are earning sales, but always looking to make things more efficient. Start consuming content from e-commerce experts who can help enable you to easily manage the numerous aspects of your online sales process and enhance your customer’s experience with your brand.

Content Creation Arrow right

Content creation is what makes the B2B marketing and sales universe go ‘round. Ok, Ok, Ok we might be a little biased, but content creators are always looking for ways to improve content planning, publishing, and distribution. Let us introduce to you some of the brightest creators and brands to help you sharpen your content skills.

Content Management Arrow right

You’re always producing an endless supply of content. Need help organizing it for your teams? Learn from brands who work every day to make managing, storing, and the tracking of your content projects easier.

Content Marketing Arrow right

Content marketers are always looking for ways to dig into analytics, understand new distribution strategies, and find ways to create better experiences for their audiences. Chief Marketing Officers continue to invest more of their budget into content and new opportunities continue to pop up for creators. The best way to gain insight on new content ideas is to do it yourself or learn from your peers. We’ve curated content from some of the highest performing brands in B2B. Time to stop wondering and start learning.

Event Management Arrow right

Planning your next marketing event and need some inspiration? Find brands who are sharing ideas on how to think outside the box with your next field marketing event or what not to do at a trade show in 2022. Enhance your planning with resources built for event marketers.

Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Arrow right

It’s a match! Need some inspiration on how to level up your account-based strategies and make your go-to-market process more efficient? Discover the experts in pipeline efficiency and start saving your team time.

Marketing Arrow right

Search the world’s largest library of marketing resources. Quality content from trusted brands, tailored for the modern day marketer.
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