How to Use Instagram Tactics for Retail [Podcast & Recap]
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Mike Allton Mike Allton
Jenn Herman Jenn Herman
Posted Apr 8, 2024 41 min read
How to Use Instagram Tactics for Retail [Podcast & Recap]

How do you get someone to buy a product when you can't include a link in the post? That's one of the fundamental questions and challenges when it comes to leveraging Instagram for a brand. And when your brand is all about selling lots of products-like all of us in retail are-that's rough. And yet, Instagram somehow has over 1.7 billion active shoppers on the platform, customers who are actively buying products from you or your competitors.

How does it even work? How can retail social managers drive real business results using Instagram? Instagram tactics are exactly what Jenn Herman is going to talk to us about in this episode of Social Pulse Podcast: Retail Edition.