How To Drive More Measurable Results From Instagram
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How To Drive More Measurable Results From Instagram
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Driving traffic and real business results from Instagram is hard. Let's just be honest about that. Particularly if you're in the B2B space and can't take advantage of selling products directly on the platform.

We all know we can't use links in Instagram posts, and that the sheer number of taps it takes to go through a link in bio creates so much friction, only a fraction of fans do it.

There must be a better way to see success with Instagram, right?

That's what Jeff Dwoskin is here to help us with.

Believe it or not, Jeff was a stand-up comedian! But before he got into comedy, he founded his own web design agency. Years later, he returned to the tech world - first by founding Hashtag Roundup that contributed to thousands of top USA trends on Twitter - and then most recently, by founding Stampede Social, a company aimed at helping creators drive traffic to their content.

The MarTech Show hosts Robin Dimond and Mike Allton will talk to Jeff Dwoskin on Mar. 27 at 1PM ET about:

🔶 What first-party data we can get from Instagram

🔶 How SMMs employ giveaways successfully

🔶 Where SMMs & Agencies can go to show their value

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