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Why Vulnerability Management Matters for Cybersecurity Compliance

"So the concept of vulnerability management in many ways is universal. And so if we think about it in a physical sense, try to keep our homes or our businesses secure from a physical sense. It's one of the vulnerabilities. Leaving your doors unlocked, leaving your windows unlocked, leaving a candle lit, and then leaving the house and going somewhere. Those are vulnerabilities." - Jim Goldman

Join our host, Jara Rowe, as she sits down with Trava CEO and Co-founder Jim Goldman to uncover the fundamental importance of vulnerability management in cybersecurity and compliance. In this episode, you'll learn why vulnerability management matters and why businesses can't afford to overlook it.
This episode is your opportunity to gain practical insights and empower yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate the world of cybersecurity. Equip yourself to protect your business and stay ahead of the game.