Feeding the Content Beast: A Retailer's Insights
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Mike Allton Mike Allton
Posted Apr 25, 2024 • 13 min read
Feeding the Content Beast: A Retailer's Insights

For retail brands, posting on social media once a week is not enough. In fact, that's such a ridiculous idea that you probably laughed a little to yourself when I suggested it. Or you may have cried a little, too, because it's true! Retail brands have to be active in publishing regularly at a far higher rate than other industries.

And it's not enough to just spam edited product images, is it? Audiences want to be educated and entertained, which means we have to create a lot of engaging content. How do we keep feeding the beast of social media, while at the same time maintaining high levels of creativity and engagement?

That's exactly what social media content developer Julia Wolf of Five Below is going to talk to us about in this episode of Social Pulse Podcast, hosted by head of Strategic Partnerships, Mike Allton. You can listen to the whole episode below or read on for highlights.

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