Supercharge your ecommerce business with marketing automation
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Supercharge your ecommerce business with marketing automation

Marketing automation is a vitally important tool to help online businesses reach revenue and growth goals.

Marketing automation allows small business owners to take control of their marketing strategy without having to manually manage every aspect of their campaigns. By combining ecommerce with marketing automation, you have get all the benefits of a sophisticated shopping experience with the ability to create marketing campaigns that are customer tailored to your audience.

This means you can drive more traffic to your site, increase the number of and amount spent on orders, and bring back more returning customers with just some initial setup and occasional tweaking and monitoring.

In this guide to ecommerce marketing automation, we'll cover:

1. How marketing automation can help you grow overlooked revenue streams
2. Why customer retention should be a main focus of your marketing strategy
3. How to grow your list to reach more customers with CRM
4. How to set up personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns
5. Examples of automated marketing campaigns you can-and should-add to your strategy now