Popular Partner Content: July 2022 Popular Partner Content: July 2022 Popular Partner Content: July 2022 Popular Partner Content: July 2022
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Popular Partner Content: July 2022

This is the top content from Women in Sales’ partners for the month of July ‘22. Let’s Juice!

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What Does it Look Like to Burn Down Your Inbound Process? Ask Brandbassador

Elliot Braund, Revenue Operations Manager at Brandbassador sat down with us for a chat on how Brandbassador rebuilt their inbound process from the ground up - and doubled their conversion rate.

Case Study
Stop the Erosion of Trust Between Marketing and Sales with Content Insights That Matter

This article discusses the problem of mistrust between marketing and sales teams, and how content insights can help to bridge the gap. You will learn:

- The root causes of mistrust between marketing and sales, including misaligned goals and KPIs, poor communication and collaboration, and data silos
- The importance of using content insights to inform both marketing and sales strategies, and how shared insights can help to create a more collaborative and productive relationship between the two teams
- Strategies for integrating content insights into sales and marketing practices, such as using content engagement metrics to identify leads and inform sales pitches, and leveraging customer feedback and data to inform content creation and distribution.

Looking for Ways to Repurpose Your Event Content? These 10 Creative Ideas Will Get You Started

Don't let your event content go to waste! These simple ways to repurpose your event content will help maximize your marketing results across channels.

Why 1:1 Video is the Sharpest Tool in Your ABM Arsenal | Vidyard + PUNCH @ B2BMX: Next Level ABM

There's no denying that the digital landscape is crowded. To make an impact, you need to deliver your message directly to the accounts most likely to convert.

Sr. Sales Development Manager Andrew Kitchen and Marketing Manager Deanne Crocker from Vidyard's 2019 Video in Business Award Winner Punch! will help you do just that. In their session, Why 1:1 Video is the Sharpest Tool in Your ABM Arsenal, Andrew and Deanne, along with Vidyard's Manager of ABM, Jesse Walsh will share actionable tips on how they used video to develop and launch ABM programs that drove real results.

You'll Learn:

- How to equip your team to utilize video on an account level
- Where and when to use video for maximum impact
- Key lessons learned and how to avoid launch fails

10 Reasons Not To Wait Until December For Holiday Gifting | Alyce AI-Powered Personal Gifting and Swag Platform

Why does corporate holiday gifting feel like it's always a mad scramble? Well, for one, early December is usually an incredibly busy time for many companies. And second, holiday gifting ...

Objection Handling 101: How to Handle the Word "No" Like a Pro

Objection handling is perhaps the most difficult sales skill to master. Chili Piper makes it easy with strategies for the 9 objections you'll encounter most often.

How to ABM Like a Boss (Part 2): Establish an ABM Team

The success of your B2B strategy is founded on the strength of your team. Learn how to build a powerhouse Marketing team for account-based plays.

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