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Get More Out of HubSpot
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The Ultimate HubSpot CRM Demo - Updated for 2023

Want a look inside the HubSpot CRM? This video covers the ins and outs of the platform, showing you what features exist inside of HubSpot, how you might use those, how easy it is for your team, and more.

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HubSpot workflows vs sequences: When to use each

Workflows and sequences in HubSpot can often be confused for one and other. They both feature automation tasks like nurturing leads, automating tedious sales and notifying team members, etc. So when do you use each?

How to Import Contacts in HubSpot (key updates for 2022)

Do you have a spreadsheet of contacts you want to upload to your HubSpot CRM contact database? Or maybe you're porting data over from another CRM? Importing can seem straightforward, but it's riddled with little obstacles if you're not careful.

In this video, you'll learn how to easily import contacts to HubSpot, along with how to format your spreadsheet, what Contact ID means when it comes to preventing duplicates, and how to easily view the previous import history.

Creating a Ticket Automatically in HubSpot Every Time a Deal Closes

Automatically creating tickets when deals close are perfect for teams that have an onboarding process they need to deploy once a sale is closed. With Marketing Hub Professional and Service Hub Professional together, you can do just that with a simple workflow. This video will show you how!

HubSpot UTM Parameters: Using tracking links in HubSpot campaigns

UTMs are a great way to track the traffic coming to your website - and you can even customize this further in your HubSpot portal. In this video, we show you where to find UTMs in HubSpot, how to set up unique UTMs for campaigns (source, medium, content, etc), and how this shows up in your original source data for HubSpot contact records and conversions.

Nailing the Use of HubSpot Tasks Queues

HubSpot Task Queues are one of those tools that increase your sales productivity immediately. With the ability to complete tasks back-to-back, you can run through your to-do list without having to bounce back and forth to object records.

Setting Up and Customizing HubSpot Dashboards

HubSpot Dashboards are a sales and marketing leader's best friend. But how do you get them to provide actionable insights? This HubSpot training should help. Learn how to setup and customize your dashboard for sales, marketing and more.

Save Time with Bulk Social Scheduling in HubSpot

Scheduling social media in HubSpot is a breeze - but you can save even more time with the bulk social scheduling feature! In this video, we'll show you how to create posts with the bulk scheduling feature and how to upload those directly to HubSpot as uploads, and then drafts for approval.

How to Use HubSpot Call and Meeting Types for Automation

Learn how to set up call and meeting types in HubSpot and how that can lead to better reporting, workflow automation, and more.

How to Setup HubSpot and Gmail (2022 Version)

Connecting Gmail and HubSpot is a great way to improve productivity, since you don't need to keep switching between your HubSpot and Gmail (aka Google Workspace) accounts.

This integration gives you all of HubSpot's email functionality inside your Google account.

Watch this video if you want to learn more about:
- How to set up the Gmail and HubSpot integration
- How to verify that it's set up correctly
- How to customize your settings in the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension
- How to verify if a Gmail contact is in your HubSpot database

How to Create Custom Analytics Views in HubSpot

In this video we'll cover:
- How to find traffic analytics reports and what you get out of them
- How to set up custom analytics views to track specific data
- The importance of creating custom analytics views sooner rather than later

Copying Company Properties to Contacts in HubSpot

Frustrated by empty contact properties for contacts associated with a company that already has that information? One quick workflow can solve that problem!

In this video, we'll walk you through the steps to copy company properties between different objects within HubSpot.

In this video we'll cover:
- Creating a new workflow from scratch
- How to setup triggers for empty company name properties that are associated with a company
- Adding an action to copy company property value

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