Power Up Your Email with HubSpot Power Up Your Email with HubSpot Power Up Your Email with HubSpot Power Up Your Email with HubSpot
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Power Up Your Email with HubSpot
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HubSpot Marketing Emails vs Sales Emails

What's the difference between marketing and sales emails in HubSpot? The biggest difference between HubSpot marketing and sales emails is the way you distribute them. We reveal how to get the most out of HubSpot emails, when sending bulk emails in HubSpot makes sense, and how to take advantage of HubSpot sales follow-up emails.

Using HubSpot Subscription Types

Want to know more about HubSpot subscription types? You can use HubSpot email subscriptions to segment which customers receive specific information from your business. In this video, we'll take a closer look at HubSpot subscription plans and how to use or create different subscription types.

Send available time slots using HubSpot meetings

Have you ever seen those clickable time slots in your email, that let you book a meeting in seconds? Now you can add these meeting links into your own emails via HubSpot, with the Scheduling Pages feature.

This sales feature is great when you want to give someone a quick option to book a call time with you, while still making sure the time is convenient for your schedule (since you get to choose which time slots they see).

In this video we'll cover:
- How to set up your HubSpot account to email available time slots
- How to set custom time intervals for these meetings
- How to customize your invitation descriptions for certain types of meetings

After some quick initial setup, you can insert proposed times from your available time slots, as easy as clicking the time on your calendar!

HubSpot Email Marketing Demo - A Quick Look Inside the Tools

Considering moving to HubSpot with your email marketing? This video will give you a look inside the tool to see how it functions, particularly for the starter and free users.

In this HubSpot email marketing demo we'll also cover the benefits of doing your email marketing right inside the same database as your CRM - no more disjointed systems. It's all in one place and easy to use.

HubSpot Log and Track Settings: How to Keep Certain Emails Out of Your CRM

HubSpot + Gmail or Outlook makes it super easy to log your emails to prospects and customers. But what if you don't want all emails tracked and logged? Learn how to set your "log and track" settings in HubSpot and even block certain emails or domains from being tracked in your HubSpot CRM.

How to Set Marketing Contacts in HubSpot (plus when & how to use this feature)

Marketing contacts is a newer feature in HubSpot that allows you to "set" a contact as someone that you market to -- or not. This not only affects your billing, but it does make it possible to keep hundreds of thousands of contacts in your CRM - but only pay for the ones you want to market to.

But you need to know how to set marketing contacts in HubSpot in order to take advantage of this feature. Note: This only applies for HubSpot marketing hub!

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