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Popular Partner Content: May 2022

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Modern Day Marketer: How to Do Modern Day Sales Outreach with Mindy Metz  | The Juice

Brett invites Mindy Metz from The Juice's Sales Team to discuss her modern approach to sales outreach. The days of cold emailing are long gone. Mindy thoroughly researches and studies the content of whoever she is considering reaching out to beforehand, so that they can build a personal relationship.

Podcast Episode
MQLs aren't the enemy and creating high-converting competitor pages | Dev Basu @ Powered by Search

In this episode, I sat down with a fellow Torontonian, Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search. The agency has been helping B2B companies grow since 2009 and Dev has seen some major shifts in the way B2B c

Podcast Episode
Objection Handling 101: How to Handle the Word "No" Like a Pro

Objection handling is perhaps the most difficult sales skill to master. Chili Piper makes it easy with strategies for the 9 objections you'll encounter most often.

Courting Your Prospect: When (And How) Should You Pop the RFP Question?

Don't let your product release schedule dictate your content strategy. Instead, ensure you're moving prospects through the funnel by targeting them with content that is relevant for their funnel stage and your relationship with them. Here's how:

JB Sales - How to Revolutionize Your Cold Calling Strategy and Win More Conversations

Learn how to revolutionize your cold calling strategy and win more conversations with this webinar from JB Sales.

DB on DB: How do you increase pipeline?

Learn with Vice President of Midmarket Sales at Demandbase Katie Layng how to increase pipeline.

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