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Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey - October 2022

In our October Pulse survey we found that September revenue was up, but respondents are still uncertain about the future. With layoffs, inflation, and a possible recession on the minds...

96% of Marketers Achieved ROI Goals with Out-of-home Marketing Campaigns, Says New Research

The article discusses a research report by on the success of out-of-home (OOH) marketing campaigns.

What is the ROI of OOH?

An Economic Impact Study

622 marketers that use OOH were surveyed across 46 states in the U.S. about their ad spend.

Key findings:

Nearly all (96%) of respondents are satisfied (50%) or very satisfied (46%) with the ROI of their current OOH marketing campaigns. On average, these companies have seen monthly revenue increase by more than 50%.
Companies successfully using OOH are using the proceeds to fund additional OOH advertising.
Those who buy OOH struggle with determining the right medium.

Go-To-Market Benchmark Report (Winter 2024)

Read the findings from Winter 2024 edition of GTM Partners' Benchmark Report, including: 1) Forecast & guidance for 2024 2) revenue benchmark data from over 300 companies 3) layoffs and cutbacks subside 3) efficient growth trends 4) data on partner-led growth 5) new research: customer growth.

Paid Search Report: 83% Of SMBs Say Profits Would Increase With More PPC Campaign Resourcing, Yet Less Than 25% Seek Outside Help

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is one of most important and reliable options for businesses of all sizes–especially small businesses. In this report, we'll dig deeper into these findings to explore the challenges, goals, and strategies of small business PPC teams.